Sunday, January 1, 2012

"Easy Wheat Bread"
So, I've always been seriously intimidated by the thought of baking bread. It just seems so complicated. Turns out that aside from being time consuming it's really pretty easy, just lots of waiting involved. I used this fantastic recipe from I was more than impressed. I hope to conquer my fear of bread making soon! I plan to try a grainier version and also a zucchini banana version.

For dinner tonight I made spaghetti with homemade marinara and whole wheat noodles. The sauce took FOREVER! Maybe I could find a good recipe for in the future. I decided to just wing it and make up my own recipe. I boiled & skinned the tomatoes, sauteed a bunch of garlic and two big onions and simmered it for a couple of hours. I had to break down & make a run for tomato paste as it ended up being sort of a funky unappetizing looking color. The whole idea is to not scare Dad away from eating healthy. Anyhow, they loved it. Success! Unfortunately, the bread didn't get finished until after dinner (what, with the five hours of rising...) but it made a fantastic dessert. I'm going to work on a vegan butter recipe that I found next and hopefully eliminate that from the house. I was initially worried but I think as long as we take it one day at a time we'll make this transition!

We had lots of visitors today. My grandma and grandpa came by for a little visit. She's still amazing and he's still an asshole, somethings never change. After that my brother Jamie came by with his wife & youngest child. Luckily, he helped dad and I unload ALL of my stuff off the trailer tonight. Fucking astounding! I'm so happy he did because not long after it rained. Woo-hoo!

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